I always knew I would be working with animals one way or another. I started out bathing Cavaliers once a week for a show kennel and from there I began my grooming career. I started working at a locally owned dog grooming business in Bainbridge Island, WA. I learned under a Nationally Certified Master Groomer. There I worked on pet trims, show trims, and everything in between. Since then I’ve moved to Seattle and have been grooming in shops here for about 4 years.

I quickly realized that nail trims were a very popular service. It makes sense, every dog needs their nails done. I decided to start Paw Squad to make nail trims more accessible for pet owners. Aside from just getting the nails done, I want to give your pet a positive experience with the processes. It’s important to have your pet feel as comfortable as possible while getting their nails done. While I focus on dogs, I have experience with cats and do kitty nails as well.

I live and work in Seattle with my two dogs, Bold and Blush. When I’m not grooming clients dogs, I’m usually grooming my own dogs or a friends dog. I am working to become a Nationally Certified Master Groomer this year. I hope to get most of the legs or complete it this summer.

Julia Sklar