Q: How often should my pet get a nail trim?

A: We recommend nail trims every four weeks. 

Q: Do you require vaccinations?

A: Yes, pets must be up to date on their rabies vaccine and have paperwork. Emailed or printed paper copies are accepted. 

Q: My dog is scared to have his nails trimmed, can you still do them?

A: Yes! We work slowly with fearful dogs, using lots of treats and praise. Using positive reinforcement helps build a trusting relationship. In cases that the dog is biting or too stressed we will refer you to your veterinarian. 

Q: My dogs nails are still long, can you make them shorter?

A: Nails are done as short as possibly depending on the length of the quick (blood vessel) and behavior. If the quick is long, the nail will still be somewhat long. We cannot cut or dremel the blood vessel back. While quick reduction can be done in frequent weekly sessions, if the quicks aren’t short the nails won’t be short. Behavior is another factor. When working with dogs that are scared we do the best we can. Before we can focus on getting the nails done perfectly we have to make sure the dog is comfortable with the process. 

Q: Can I be with my dog while their nails are being trimmed? 

A: Yes! Pets can feel more comfortable with their owners around. Comforting, holding a collar, and feeding treats can make this a positive experience for your pet. We do not allow punishment or excessive restraint. This often makes dogs more scared. If your pet is too difficult we will refer you to your veterinarian. 

Q: My dog bites, can you do their nails?

A: No. Dogs that bite when having their feet handled or nails done with be referred to your veterinarian.

Q: Where will nail trimming take place? 

A: Pop – up event: Nail trimming can be done on a table, the floor with your dog standing, or while being held if the animal is small enough. A loop and a groomers helper front clip will be used as restraint on the table. 

House call: Nail trimming will be done in a bathroom. Minimizing escape routes makes the process smoother. 

Q: Do you trim cat nails?

A: Yes, at cat friendly pop – up locations and house calls. We do not offer services to overly aggressive or biting cats. If service cannot be done you will be referred to your veterinarian.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes.