Nail Trim/grind

Mobile: $25 for first pet
$15 for each additional pet

Pop – Up: $15 per pet

Additional Services

Anal Glands: $10
External gland expression for dogs.

Paw Balm: $5
Help moisturize and replenish your urban pup’s paws with Natural Dog Company – 100% natural and organic!

Ear Cleaning: $8
Routine ear cleaning is a crucial part of preventative care and upkeep.

Teeth Brushing: $10
A limited ingredient, enzymatic toothpaste with anti-plaque/anti-tartar properties and refreshing vanilla-mint breath spray.

Please note: Along with appropriate chew toys, routine teeth brushing is the most effective means to maintain oral health between professional dental examinations. It is NOT a substitute. We are unable to remove existing tartar and recommend that dogs with excessive calculus build-up seek veterinary care.

Pad Shave: $7
Removal of the hair between paw pads. (Bottom of the feet only.)​

Sanitary: $10
Tidying up the hair around the rear.

Bang Trim: $10 – $15
Trimming the hair around the eyes.

Please note: Dirty hair is hard on our equipment.
The area must be fairly clean for us to trim!

Deluxe Packs

Prim and Pupper: $45
Includes every add-on with a 20% discount!

Bow-Wow Bundle: $30
Includes gland expression, paw balm, ear cleanse and teeth brushing.

*Deluxe Pack options are add-on services.
A regular home visit must be scheduled for any add-on service eligibility.
Additional services may increase appointment time. Please allow up to 30 minutes extra for either Deluxe Pack.